Cal Poly Racing is California’s largest student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Our team is composed of over eighty active members, and each year we design, manufacture, test, and compete with three innovative race vehicles as participants in the SAE Collegiate Design Series. This series challenges university students from around the world to apply their skills outside of the classroom as part of a project that closely imitates industry practices. Cal Poly Racing is the only team in California that fields vehicles in all three of the series’ major competitions: Formula SAE, Formula SAE Electric, and Baja SAE.

At the competitions, our vehicles are evaluated by industry experts not only for their performance characteristics and incorporation of innovative designs, but also for their potential as production items. Because of this, we are more than just a team of engineers. Cal Poly Racing is composed of students from various disciplines who function together as a business. This enables our members to practice project management, finance, and marketing in addition to engineering. The experience and skills developed by members of our team cannot be acquired in any other university setting, and this gives us unparalleled preparation for success in our careers.

To meet our ambitious competition goals each year, Cal Poly Racing requires the generous support of industry partners for materials and services. We seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, who choose to contribute materials, knowledge, services, or other forms of support. In return, we offer partners increased brand recognition and networking opportunities with our talented student members.

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